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grass roots efforts to assist not-for-profit causes.  


The #REALMECAMPAIGN launches social media blitzes which create awareness and spark meaningful conversations for not-for profit causes.  This philanthropic campaign continually recruits passionate warriors to raise much needed funds.  As the brainchild of Julie Drost Lokun, the #REALMECAMPAIGN was born from the idea that she just simply wanted to be a good human.  And her simple message  spread on a global level.   Lokun has united young women and men from around the world to take action in their neighborhoods (#realmegirls).   Ultimately, the campaign has made a profound difference to  many global communities and the word continues to permeate throughout the world.   

#REALMECAMPAIGN has harnessed the power of social media and passionate volunteers to raise thousands of dollars directed solely to not-for profit organizations.  This labor of love is currently creating a call to action for those willing to give a voice to those who are without. If you are interested in joining this grass root effort to make a difference or have a cause you would like the campaign to support --please contact #REALMECAMPAIGNS.  847-361-9518

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